We are a strong voice to engage Montanans 55 and older to advocate for forward thinking policies such as health care and economic security for all. 


Our Board Members


Ken Tool, Chair
(Cascade, MT)

Terry Minow, Vice Chair
(Boulder, MT)

Pat Sweeney, Secretary and Treasurer
(Billings, MT)

Barbara Archer, (Billings, MT)

Michael DesRosier, (Browning, MT)

Jon Ellingson, (Missoula, MT)

Elizabeth Marum, (Belgrade, MT)

Sanna Porte, (Helena, MT)

Angela Russell, (Lodge Grass, MT)

Bill Strizich, (Great Falls, MT)


Founding Board Members

Carol Juneau
Chair, retired educator, former Montana State Senator, Mandan/Hidatsa (Great Falls, MT)

Ken Toole
Board Vice-Chair, and former Montana State Senator, Public Service Commissioner and Founding Director of Montana Human Rights Network (Cascade, MT)

Terry Kendrick
Secretary, Women’s Rights Advocate (Missoula, MT)

Paul Haber
Professor at UM, President, University Faculty Association (Missoula, MT)

Terry Minow
Rancher, retired educator, and former Political Director, MEA-MFT (Boulder, MT)

James Murry
Former labor leader of the Montana AFL-CIO (Clancy, MT)

Nathaniel Powell-Palm
Farmer and rancher, Cold Springs Ranch (Belgrade, MT)

Angela Russell
Attorney, former Montana State Representative (Lodge Grass, MT)

Pat Sweeney
Board Treasurer, and senior advisor to WORC (Billings, MT)

Stan Juneau
Retired educator, Blackfeet (Great Falls, MT)


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